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From here you can access all our products, see their characteristics and request a budget. If you do not know how to do follow our instructions. We have all the necessary products for the construction and roof insulation. If you have questions or comments please contact us. You can download our catalog by clicking here.

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Alpha Dam Control




Imerys Terre Cuite


Marma Polskie Folie



We are a Spanish company created in 2001 for the sale and installation of covered in ceramic tiles.

Currently developed technical products for the perfect execution of all roofs.

Implanted in northern Spain and a presence in all regions of the rest of the country, we maintain three lines of marketing our products: Large groups, independent stockists and professional installers.

In parallel with Cubiertas y Aislantes Rioja is one of the European companies involved in developing new products for roofs and technical insulation, both acoustic and thermal.

Trading Lines

large groups

Independent stockists

Professional installers


The purpose of Cubiertas y Aislantes Rioja is to contribute to building professionals a set of technical solutions to equip the roofs. Exposed to the elements; Wind, rain, snow, sun, the roofs have to be protected and protect buildings. The roofs are a changing area between the building and outside. The smoke evacuation, ventilation wetlands, boilers, etc. and other functions that require a moment’s passage through the roof.

Products Cubiertas y Aislantes Rioja are subject to constant technical innovation (ease of installation, strength, aesthetics) studying solutions adapted to professionals, providing a particular interest in the aesthetics of their products.

Technical innovation

  • Ease of placement
  • Solidity
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability