Alpha Wave

pasting the alphawave sticker next to a wallAlphawave waterproof membrane installed on wall

New waterproof membrane assembly formed by EPDM, allowing elongation of 60%.
AlphaWave, is made of EPDM, with a network of embedded aluminum. The upper face has a reinforcing textile product texture, and the backsheet is completely covered with butyl glue ensuring perfect adherence to the tiles and any construction material.

The AlphaWave tape has a PLE-ated (pleated), which allows easier in the different types of roof surfaces placement structure.

Areas of application: AlphaWave is a specialized junctions that are formed in the roof tiles and walls between tape. Thanks to the high extensibility and flexibility allows easy AlphaWave waterproofing joints produced in chimneys, windows joints, …

Standard sizes: 300mm x 450mm // 5 meters x 5 meters.

Colors: Red, Black, Brown and Black.
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